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    Speedy freight transport in Wangaratta

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    Trusted freight transport across Australia

    When you’ve got goods to be moved, you naturally want them to arrive at their destination safely, securely and on time, preferably in the same condition they were when you sent them off. At McLeod transport, we’ve based our business on delivering exemplary customer service with each and every job, and our mission is, quite simply, to get your stuff to where it needs to be.
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    Linking local and Australia-wide freight services

    As an Australian owned and operated company, we take great pride in the role we play in the country’s freight transportation industry, as well as a great sense of professional satisfaction in helping to keep it all ticking along smoothly. McLeod Transport offers prompt, reliable and uniquely tailored transport services nationwide from our Wangaratta base, and we’re pleased to be able to offer the proper door-to-door experience.
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    Why McLeod Transport?

    Why choose McLeod Transport in particular as your courier service of choice, you ask? Well, the answer’s pretty simple! Not only do we provide a fast, reliable service both domestically and internationally, but we can also save you money by offering the most affordable courier prices in Wangaratta.

    With McLeod Transport, you can rest assured that your delivery will get to its destination on time and in perfect shape, whether it's big, small, domestic or international.

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    Freight services

    • General
    • Storage
    • Tailgates
    • Next flight
    • Special services
    • Packaging
    • Overnight satchels
    • Express freight

    There’s only one top freight transport service in Wangaratta,
    so phone 03 5721 3738  to speak to us today!

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